Floor Plan Redrawing

Do your floor plan graphics need a facelift?

Fact: after the Home page, the Floor Plans page is the most visited on your website. Prospects want to see your floor plans and visualize living there.

Do your floor plan graphics make a great first impression? If not, TourVista can help. Our designer Maria is AMAZING at redrawing floor plans!

Compare BEFORE vs AFTER:


Choose from these different designs:

Cost is $90 per graphic. Add $30 to include furniture.


Hire TourVista to redraw your floor plan graphics and here’s what you will get:

  1. lo-res as transparent .png – perfect for the website, and we will add it to the site
  2. hi-res as .pdf – perfect for print (brochures, fliers, etc) because they won’t get blurry when enlarged


We can work with blueprints or even hand-drawn sketches! 

click to download sketching guide
graph paper
click to download graph paper


  • $90 per floor plan (really large and complex floor plans may cost more)
  • add furniture for $30 per floor plan

How to place an order:

  1. How many floor plans do you need redrawn?
  2. Select the design you’d like from the options above.
  3. Would you also like to include furniture? ($30 extra per floor plan)
  4. Email support@tourvista.com to place your order. We will reply to finalize the order and send you an invoice to get started. Please allow 2 weeks for your floor plans to be completed.