Branded Email Addresses

TourVista provides website hosting as part of our apartment websites, and we can also provide branded email addresses, too.

What is a “branded” email address?

A branded email address uses your website domain name as part of the address. For example, if your website is, some good branded email addresses would be:


Examples of non-branded email addresses:

  • Use the owner domain, e.g.
  • Use the property management domain, e.g.
  • Use a free service like Gmail, e.g.

Should Apartments Use Branded or Non-Branded Emails?

There are pros and cons to both. Unless your IT department can provide the email account at low cost and quick setup, we usually recommend a branded email.

A branded email address creates a nice, professional touch and helps reinforce your apartment brand in every email you send. This is a good thing. It also is easy to hand off the entire email account if the property changes ownership or management, giving the new management access to the entire email history. View TourVista’s branded email solutions

A non-branded email address uses your corporate or property management domain, or a free service like Gmail. Many of our clients use a corporate email address as their IT department is able to get these setup. If that’s the case for your company, then a non-branded email address is the way to go. Just keep in mind that you won’t be able to transfer the email account if the property ownership/management changes hands down the road.

Can I send/receive email from my mobile phone?

Yes, if TourVista provides your email hosting then you’ll be able to access your email via your phone, tablet, desktop, etc.

If you’re using a non-branded email solution, be sure to check with your IT department for details about connecting multiple devices to one email account.

Most email hosting solutions use IMAP technology which allows multiple devices (phone, desktop, etc) to share the same email account. IMAP keeps all connected devices in sync which is a critical detail to a well-organized inbox.

Avoid POP technology as it does not sync the inbox across your devices.

TourVista’s Branded Email Solutions

Google Workspace

Have you ever used Gmail? It’s our favorite email software by far. The search, filters and advanced features are huge time savers. Workspace is Google’s way of giving you Gmail but using your domain name for the email address, hence a branded email account!

In fact, TourVista has been using Google Workspace for years, letting us have branded emails like but giving us the power of Gmail. And as a big bonus, Google Workspace includes all the other great Google software like Docs, Sheets, Calendar, Chat, Hangouts and more. We can’t recommend Google Workspace highly enough.

You can setup Google Workspace yourself if you’re tech savvy, or TourVista will do it for a one-time setup of $100. This includes:

  • Creation of up to 5 email addresses ($10 per additional email after 5)
  • Configuration of DNS zone file to work with Google Workspace
  • Prepping transparent version of your logo to brand your Google Workspace apps
  • Updating your TourVista website form notifications and reports to send to your new email(s)

Then you pay Google directly for each user (email address). Cost is $6/month per user for the Business Starter plan which should be sufficient. Please note: your credit card is required and will be billed directly by Google.

Microsoft Office 365

While we’re fans of Google over Microsoft, the Office 365 solution is a good one, too. It’s a bit more pricey at $96/yr per email address.

No credit card required for Office 365. TourVista will invoice your property each year with the annual website renewal.