Pay Per Click Advertising on Google Ads – Setup & Management

Google PPC query

Want to rank #1 on Google for your most desirable search terms?

You will need to buy ads on Google.

Sorry to break the bad news, but long gone are they days when your site can rank at the top of Google with a few SEO tricks. If you haven’t already noticed, the top 3-4 results for your most desirable search queries are dominated by advertisements, like this:

While it’s still possible to rank #1 in the organic results for branded searches, advertising on Google Ads is the only way to rank #1 on Google for the most popular generic search keywords.

  • Branded search: when a user searches for your property by name.
  • Generic search: a generic, non-branded search e.g. 1 bedroom apartments near me

Take advantage of this new reality on Google

Yes this is disappointing, but all is not lost! It’s easy to advertise on Google using their do-it-yourself product called Google Ads Express.

Just one catch: Google has made Google Ads Express too easy to get setup, with the default settings favoring Google and spending your budget quickly. Unfortunately, most of our clients that have used Google Ads Express have burned through their advertising budget without much to show for it, concluding that ads on Google just don’t work.

There’s another option to dominate Google…

TourVista’s advertising setup & management service

Hire us to setup & manage your ads on Google. We know their advertising platform Google Ads in & out, and have created an insanely thorough setup process that includes:

  • setup of local & national ad campaigns
  • multiple ads setup for each campaign to A/B test for highest CTR (click through rates)
  • creating banner graphics optimized for mobile viewing, used on national retargeting campaign to all website visitors (not just those that click on your ads)
  • call tracking phone # with recording, and option to have call recordings emailed to your team – no cost per call via our method whereas a standard Google forwarding phone # charges your click rate per call (this saves you $25 – $50 per month!)
  • optional call “whisper” for manager, informing them the call came from Google ads
  • setup of multiple ad extensions to gain more real estate on the SERPs (search engine results pages)
  • cookie all website visitors and show them banner ads on 1000’s of other websites (and as required by Google, setup a privacy policy page)
  • ads shown on Google Maps (note: for your ads to show on Google Maps, we will also need to verify & optimize your listing on Google Business Profile)
  • monthly reports to your team with a detailed breakdown of cost per lead
  • management of account, optimizing to stretch your budget as far as possible
  • no contracts, no minimum ad budget, though we recommend at least $500-800/month
  • turn on/off the ads as needed; once the setup is complete, you have on-demand traffic

Google Ads Management Fees

TourVista charges $295 to setup Google Ads, then a monthly management fee based on your ad spend:

Monthly SpendTourVista Fee
$900+15% of ad spend
$300 – 899$135
$90 – 299$90
Less than $90100% of ad spend

Our monthly management fee is billed at the end of each month, charged to the same credit card used to pay Google Ads.

Please note: we do not give clients access to the Google Ads account. This is to protect our proprietary Google Ads settings and also to ensure that only our trained account professionals have access to the account. We happily provide clients with access to Analytics reports and our monthly PPC reports provide sufficient data to demonstrate that we are properly managing your account.