Apartment Websites

Your Comprehensive Apartment Website Solution

A successful online presence for your apartment community begins with a great website and consists of many pieces. Let us take care of your website and the pieces so you can focus on what you do best: running your property.

Does My Apartment Even Need It’s Own Website?

After all, you are already marketing on all the other big apartment search sites like Craigslist, For Rent, Apartment Guide, etc. Do you really need your own site? Our answer is YES, absolutely, 100%. Your apartment definitely needs its own website. Here’s why.

What Makes A Great Apartment Website?

#1 – It Starts With A Great Domain Name

An excellent URL is an absolute must for your apartment website. After all, the URL is a one-time selection that will be used by your property across all marketing campaigns. We assist clients in the selection of the best available domain name for their new website. Learn more about our domain name selection criteria.

#2 – Beautiful Design & User Experience

Visitors to your website will make their first impression within 3 seconds. So your site had better load quickly and look good. Our website designs are easy on the eyes and built with an emphasis on getting your visitors to take action and contact you.​

Nectar apartment website design
Maverick apartment website design

#3 – Looks Awesome On All Devices

Does your website give all visitors the optimal experience, regardless of whether they are on their phone, tablet or desktop? In the tech world this is known as “responsive design”, and yes, our websites are responsive and look great across all devices.

#4 – Generates Lots Of Leads!

Lead generation is the most important aspect of our websites and we’ve applied decades of experience to ensure that your site gets the phone ringing and the email requests coming in.

#5 – Lead Management Software

We know how busy your property managers are already, so we’ve setup a Lead Manager for easily staying on top of all active leads. Your team has access to a simple interface for managing all leads and running reports, too, all within the backend of your website.

#6 – Master Lead Dashboard

If your company purchases more than one website from us, we will provide access to a Master Lead Dashboard for running lead reports across your entire portfolio of websites. One simple dashboard for determining key marketing data such as cost per lead, cost per application, and the holy grail of apartment marketing: cost per new resident.

#7 – Easy On The Budget

Of course, we can’t ignore price when it comes to determining what makes a great website for an apartment community. Our platform was built to scale and we can setup a new website very quickly, usually within 2 weeks. We are able to pass big savings onto our clients. Our standard apartment website has a one-time setup fee of $750 and an annual subscription of $1,200.

#8 – Easy To Update In-House

You start saving money right out of the gate because your staff is able to easily update the website content via our content management system. In fact, our sites are built on WordPress, the world’s most popular website platform. Just point and click and voila! We also provide helpful video tutorials for training your staff. There’s hardly any learning curve at all. Plus, we are available to handle any website edits or customizations if you need help.

#9 – Useful For Current Residents

While the #1 priority of your website is to generate leads, serving your existing residents is a close second. After all, many prospective residents will want to know if they can apply online, pay rent online, and place maintenance requests online. Today’s resident is tech savvy and expects the world to come to their mobile device, and all of these important features are included with us as your website provider.

#10 – Easy to Integrate with 3rd Party Software

Many of our clients use other providers for specific functionality such as online applications and online rent payments. Our websites are able to handle these types of integrations, usually by linking to the provider website in a new tab. However, it is possible to seamlessly integrate the other software as needed, though an additional fee may apply for this. We’ll let you know if any extra fees will be required once we learn the details of what you’d like to accomplish.

#11 – Analytics & Traffic Reports

We place a huge emphasis on lead generation, and a well-planned lead generation campaign is rooted in data and reporting. All of our websites have Google Analytics installed from Day 1. You get full access for unlimited users and weekly reports detailing where your website traffic is coming from and how well it is converting into new leads. Now you’ll be able to make data-driven decisions about where to spend your online marketing budget.

#12 – Search Engine Optimized

Best practices in website development. Clean code. Well structured markup. Optimized for speed. Good content. Excellent URL. Logical link structure. Useful to the website visitor.

All of these and many more are factored into how well your site ranks in Google. Our websites have been optimized by SEO professionals to rank well out of the box. In fact, nearly all of our websites rank #1 for the property name within a few months of going live. This establishes a strong foundation for further traffic generation initiatives.

In some cases, especially for properties with generic names, there may be stiff competition for that #1 position. That’s where our monthly SEO and our Google Advertising services come to the rescue! Contact us to learn more.

#13 – Blazingly Fast!

Speaking of ranking well in Google… did you know that a slow site can actually hurt your search engine rankings? Slow sites are not a problem for our clients. Our web servers are optimized for running our custom code and we actually cache your entire site so it loads as fast as possible. Of course, any edits that you make via our CMS will be reflected on the site instantly.

#14 – SSL Certificate Included

Your websites will automatically load at https:// instead of http:// and the visitor’s web browser will show a lock icon next to the web address. Without getting too techy, this means that visitors to your website have their privacy protected at the same level of banking websites. How cool is that! For users that recognize this, it will surely increase their confidence in using your website and about your brand in general.

Another benefit: Google loves secure sites. Making your site SSL-secured is a positive ranking signal to Google which means a better chance for your site to rank higher and get more traffic.

#15 – Rock Solid Technical Infrastructure

We’ve been building and hosting websites for over 25 years (wow, where has the time gone?). The importance of a solid, reliable hosting solution can’t be understated. Yet with all the free hosting or $3.99/month out there, it’s tempting to think that hosting should just be treated as a commodity and the lowest price wins. Don’t try to save a few bucks and fall for this huge mistake.

The important questions to ask about hosting are related to up-time and support. If anything goes wrong with the website — and it will, these are computers after all — you need to know that capable hands are taking action to fix it that same minute. Our websites are managed by IT professionals with years of experience. We stay one step ahead of the hackers. We are texted 24/7 if there are any hiccups. We do the dirty work to keep your website online, all the time!

#16 – Backups, Backups, Backups

No website solution is complete without scheduled, offsite, automated backups. We take a snapshot of your entire site every day and store it in a secure archive for 3 months. Not that this ever happens, but if for any reason you need to restore your website, we can get you back on your feet in no time.

#17 – Email Accounts

It seems that nearly all of our clients use a corporate email address for their property. That is, they don’t need branded email addresses that match their website name like this: manager@YourDomain.com.

We can setup branded email addresses if you’d like but there is an extra charge for this. This is paid annually in advance with your website subscription. These email accounts are web-based and easy to sync with your phone’s email. Learn more about our branded email solutions.

#18 – Customizable To Meet Your Needs

Yes, we use a template as our starting point for your apartment website. This allows us to lower our prices 🙂 However, we are expert web developers and experienced online marketers.

Facebook integration. Online rent payments, deposits & applications. Live Chat. The sky is the limit!

In fact, we can complete any update or customization that you can dream of! Just shoot us an email with the details and we will knock it out, usually within a few business days. Please note: there may be a fee. Our rate is $75/hr and we will quote you on the cost before beginning any work.

#19 – Constantly Improving

Our website development and online marketing teams thrive on making our product as good as possible. We are always improving the code and user experience with the end goal of of generating more leads for you.

There is no cost when we release global updates across our network of apartment websites. We do this to keep our product up to date with modern times and you benefit just by being a client.

#20 – Dedicated Account Manager

Last but not least, your website provider needs to be available when you need support. No long waits on hold. Not wasting your time. Just a knowledgeable, friendly support rep at your service.

All of our clients have a dedicated account manager available via email or phone. Any questions or problems? Just let your account manager know.

We strive to respond to client requests within 1 business hour. In fact, give it a shot and test our response time now! Complete our Request a Quote form and see how long it takes us to get back to you. 😉

Wow! Everything Above For Only $1,200 A Year?

Absolutely. Our Website Platform Was Built To Scale. Everyone Wins.

Ready to get started? Request a quote now.

See For Yourself, Visit Live Sites

Click the thumbs below to visit actual client websites.

Nectar apartment website design
Maverick apartment website design

Our graphic designers customize your selected design to match your property’s brand and colors. There is a one-time setup of $750, then you only pay $1,200 per year.


Q: So how does the pricing work again?

A: There’s a one-time setup of $750 for your website plus $1,200/yr. This includes everything – you send us the content (logo, photos, floor plans, amenities, etc) and we build out your website. Each year, we’ll send you an invoice 30 days prior to your annual renewal date for this annual renewal amount.

Q: And you guys manage our domain names, too?

A: Yes, your annual domain name renewal is included in the annual website subscription. Plus, we configure the domain and take care of all the technical stuff so it runs as efficiently as possible.

Q: Does that mean I no longer own my domain name?

A: No, you will always maintain ownership of your domain name (URL).  We will manage it for you and ensure that it is configured correctly and never expires. In fact, we even pay for your domain name renewal each year! Should you decide to not renew with us, we will gladly transfer your domain name anywhere you want. No fee, no questions asked. Learn more about our domain services.

Q: What about updates to my website… do I have to pay for that?

A: Depends on who does the updates. Our websites are meant to be managed in-house by your team. There is a quick learning curve (we provide video tutorials) and most of our clients are able to make basic updates to their websites without any help from us. So in this case, there is zero cost.

Of course, if you don’t have time to update your site, or don’t want to learn how, we are here to help.  In fact, we can complete any update or customization that you can dream of!  Just shoot us an email with the details and we will knock it out, usually within a few business days.  Please note: there may be a fee if you have us do the updates. Our rate is $75/hr and we will quote you on the cost before beginning any work.

Q: What if I have more questions?

A: Contact us, we’d love to hear from you! We are here to educate you and answer any questions you have about setting up a great website for your apartment community and marketing it effectively online.