Next-Level SEO

Want to do more with your website?

Get Enhanced SEO + Brand Personality + More Reviews — to help your community connect with Google AND prospective tenants.

All TourVista apartment websites include smart starter SEO. There’s a ton of optimization out of the box to attract Google and engage visitors. But by getting even more strategic — enhancing and augmenting the content — the likelihood of generating more website traffic and leads grows exponentially.

We spoon-feed Google exactly what it wants to increase the website ranking for your top keywords.

Ready to level up? We’re excited to announce our new SEO content marketing package. It’s customized, personalized, and we can’t wait to show you — effective!

The Next-Level SEO Package includes:

  1. Strategy Call: Keywords + Brand Discovery — Our content expert will help you define your 7 most important keywords and your brand’s unique selling points. This is the foundation for everything! Then we dive in with actionable-changes…
  2. Content Revamp — We up the game with a personality-rich, engaging, copy revamp and enhancement that highlights your relevant keywords and USPs and speaks directly to the needs of your prospects.
  3. Stock Photo Refresh — A picture is worth a thousand words. We’ll freshen up your site’s stock photos to make sure they are speaking loud and clear, and reflecting your brand beautifully.
  4. Title Tag + Meta Description Update — This data informs Google … we amplify it — with custom, keyword-rich title tags and meta descriptions on each page of your site.
  5. Cornerstone Content — A meaty webpage written to highlight your most important keywords. This will be full of links to relevant pages within your own website. Google eats this up.
  6. Keyword-Rich Landing Pages — 7 unique landing pages that are written to your most important keywords to inform and engage (humans and search engines). Strategic, keyword-rich, relevant. Published on a schedule and not all at once, of course.
  7. Google Business Profile Posts — we post an update on your Google Business Profile linking to each article! SEO boost for the GBP love + the unique website content.
  8. Google Review “Business Cards” — perhaps our best idea in years, have your property manager give out cards requesting a review on Google, like this. The cards have a QR code that links directly to your property’s review form; how easy is that?

    And to see how it’s all working…
  9. Analytics — Through our proprietary keyword-tracking software, we monitor your keyword rankings in Google each week, from a simulated local search. This data helps us understand what’s working, what’s not, and adjust accordingly as we go.

We respect how hard you work. That’s why we worked hard to make this package affordable and action-packed. We want this to propel your community forward (and hopefully make your job a little easier)!

Cost: $1,000 | Timeline: delivered over 3 months