Online Application

TourVista websites have a great online application form that provides a wonderful user experience. The main benefits include:

  • easy to complete on mobile (no printouts, messy handwriting)
  • file uploads (e.g. photos of driver’s license, paystubs, etc)
  • digital signature
  • collect application fees via credit card payment
  • applicant never leaves your site, with option to save & finish later
  • form is submitted securely over HTTPS (compare to emailing a PDF application which is not secure)
  • ability to send text & email notifications to your staff and automatic email reply to applicant
  • application data is archived on your website so it’s easily accessible, well-organized & printer-friendly
  • Analytics conversions to track which marketing sources result in applications, and from that determine your best sources for new residents

The online application is a 3 part process:

  1. We work with you to define the fields for the application and any other customizations like application fee, required fields, disclaimers, fine print, etc.
  2. Once clearly defined, we build out the application on your website.
  3. Finally, we connect the website to your bank account via our payment processor Stripe. Payments received by applicants are routed automatically to your bank account every 48 hours. Application notifications are emailed to you and the full application details are available on your website for review, printing, etc.

Cost to get the online application setup:

  • $300 one-time setup of the form & notifications
  • $8 fee per completed application
  • No monthly fees!

Also, part of the application requires some tax information about your business and a copy of government issued ID (e.g. driver’s license). Here’s a form that explains and allows you to securely provide this to us.