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Viewing Google Ads Invoices

Running Google Ads? Your accounting team will probably want to view invoices and billing details.

TourVista offers an extremely solid Google Ads management for apartments. We setup and manage the account for your property, and your credit card is charged directly by Google for the ad clicks.

In case you need to have access to the Google Ads invoices and billing details, just let your TourVista account manager know and we’ll send you an invite. It’s really straightforward:

1. You’ll receive an email invite from Google Payments

Just click the ACCEPT button.

Your email will need to be setup as a Google Account, but that’s free and easy. Here’s a tutorial.

2. Accept the invitation

The email link will take you to a web page like this. Click the ACCEPT button here.

You may need to login to your Google Account – be sure to use the same email address that the invitation was sent to.

3. Confirmation

You should see this confirmation screen once you have successfully accepted the invitation.

Click the “MANAGE PROFILE” button to access this Google Payments profile.

You can also sign in at payments.google.com

4. Select the billing account

Once signed into Google Payments, click the “Subscriptions & services” tab. Here you’ll see all accounts under this payment profile. Click “Manage” to load the account billing details.

Congrats! Now you have easy access to all invoices and other billing details for this account. Just be careful in here as any changes will affect your Google Ads.

Note: if you have more than 1 payment profile, you can change these at the top right.

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