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Viewing Google Ads Invoices

Running Google Ads? Your accounting team will probably want to view invoices and billing details.

TourVista offers an extremely solid Google Ads management for apartments. We setup and manage the account for your property, and your credit card is charged directly by Google for the ad clicks.

In case you need to have access to the Google Ads invoices … more

How to Setup a Google Account

TourVista uses many Google products in conjunction with our websites and online marketing services, mostly because these improve your Google rankings, but also because Google’s software is really good and provides tremendous value.

Google Analytics, Google My Business and Google Search Console are examples of the Google products we setup with your website.

To access these products, you’ll need … more

Add the Facebook Pixel to Your Apartment Website

Running ads on Facebook? Be sure to add the “pixel” to your website!

Facebook advertising can work very well for apartment communities (as long as the marketing team knows what they’re doing).

When running ads on Facebook, it’s absolutely critical to include the Facebook pixel on your website. This allows Facebook to communicate with your website and is the secret … more

Add Instagram Photos to Your Apartment Website

If you’re active on Instagram (and you totally should be! your target audience is there) then we highly recommend adding the Instagram photo stream to your apartment website. It’s easy, here’s how:

Setup Instructions If you haven’t already, setup an Instagram account.Go to this site and click the blue button. (screenshot)Sign … more

Add a video to your website

Step 1: Create the video

A few tips:

Plan the route you’re going to walk through the apartmentTurn lights onDraw blinds if window view not ideal (e.g. parking lot)Close toilet seat lidsRecommend not adding a narrative unless you’re really good at this – usually, some nice background music is betterKeep it short, ideally 1 minute or less


Cut out … more

Getting Started

Login to your website Reset password Change password General settings, notifications & reports Leads & form archive Managing content Home page text Add new photos (detailed instructions) Floor plans & pricing Locations on the map (hotspots) Testimonials Specials: popup & banner

Updating your website photos

All TourVista apartment websites are built using WordPress which is a great CMS (content management system) but has a bit of a learning curve. We realize many of our clients want to manage their websites in-house and we’ve done a ton of customizations to WordPress to make this as easy & intuitive as possible.

So if you’re wanting to change … more

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