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Add a video to your website

Step 1: Create the video

A few tips:

Plan the route you’re going to walk through the apartmentTurn lights onDraw blinds if window view not ideal (e.g. parking lot)Close toilet seat lidsRecommend not adding a narrative unless you’re really good at this – usually, some nice background music is betterKeep it short, ideally 1 minute or less


Cut out … more

Getting Started

Login to your website Reset password Change password General settings, notifications & reports Leads & form archive Managing content Home page text Add new photos (detailed instructions) Floor plans & pricing Locations on the map (hotspots) Testimonials Specials: popup & banner

Updating your website photos

All TourVista apartment websites are built using WordPress which is a great CMS (content management system) but has a bit of a learning curve. We realize many of our clients want to manage their websites in-house and we’ve done a ton of customizations to WordPress to make this as easy & intuitive as possible.

So if you’re wanting to change … more

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